The Concept

What are the biggest problems facing Houston?

What tools do we have to solve them?

Rice University and the City of Houston have joined forces to create Houston Solutions Lab — a first-of-its-kind effort between the organizations charged with answering those questions. It has a single mission: to find innovative ways of making the city work better.

The hope is to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Houston, leveraging city leaders’ inside knowledge of city operations and Rice researchers’ analytical capacity.

Houston Solutions Lab builds on the formal relationship established between Rice and the City in September 2015 that aims to use data to figure out ways to improve our community. And it mirrors similar relationships forged between cities and universities across the country, which operate under the banner of the MetroLab Network.

At the inaugural meeting of Houston Solutions Lab Oct. 27, we aim to put the city’s top leaders and the university’s top researchers together, in the same room, in many cases for the first time. From that experience, we expect to see true innovation develop.


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